Avoiding Mayhem: A Guide To Living In Shared & University Accommodation

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About the Book:

If you're going off to uni and don't wanna die, in the unfortunate situation of not feeling like you can go to your parents for advice, and/or find the concept of living away from home daunting, then this book has you (mostly) covered. 'Avoiding Mayhem: A Guide To Living In Shared & University Accommodation' gives you a fresh, funky, first-hand look into uni life and the problems you are likely to encounter and how to combat them.


This book is written and illustrated by Charlotte Hodges herself, and provides funny and helpful insights into university life!


It also includes guides to cleaning your flat space, dealing with emergencies, and how you're supposed to do your laundry.  


Publisher: Blurb

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    Size: 8×10 in, 21×26 cm


    34 Pages


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